Estate Planning

Estate planning is not about the tools you use (will vs trust). Nor is estate planning primarily about saving taxes. Estate planning is not even primarily about the stuff you own. In our view, Estate Planning is primarily about protecting yourself and your loved ones.

We believe that a complete definition of estate planning from the planner’s perspective should be something like this:

I want to control my property while I’m alive and well

Provide protections for me and my loved ones if I become disabled

Then give what I have

To whom I want

When I want

The way I want

All while assuring my wisdom is transferred along with the rest of my wealth

At Legacy Planning Advocates, we help you fulfill these goals of Control, Providing Protections, controlled asset transfer (to the people, at the time, and in the manner you choose) and legacy preservation (passing your wisdom).

We recognize that Estate Planning is a process, not an event. There are four phases to estate planning: Design, Implementation, Maintenance, and Settlement. Each phase of the estate planning process is important to the success of your plan. And these general goals (control, protections, asset transfer, legacy), as well as your personal goals, must be kept in the forefront during each phase of the plan to make your plan successful.

Sadly, most traditional, forms-centered estate plans fail.  One of the major reasons for this is a common lack of understanding, even among attorneys, about what estate planning is and how it works.  Other reasons include, poor estate planning design, incomplete or improper implementation of the plan, failure to maintain the plan, and lack of settlement preparation.  But your estate plan does not have to be among the failed cautionary tales!

At Legacy Planning Advocates, we are not document vendors; rather, we are in the business of making estate plans that actually work.  So, whether you are just beginning your estate planning journey, or you have an existing estate plan that needs repair, we’re here to help you and your family succeed.

To get started with your estate planning, contact us to get your free Initial Inventory and Assessment packet.