Client Reviews

“Deceased Brother’s Estate

David Crandall handled several difficult and delicate items to finalize my wife’s brother’s estate in a very thorough and professional manner. He was also sensitive to our family in our time of sorrow and communicated often and responded quickly each time we had questions.

It was very much a relief to have someone working for you that could be trusted to make the best recommendations and follow through to completion as rapidly as possible.”

– Posted by David

“David Crandall is the Best in the Business!!!

I had contacted almost every attorney in the area and David was the only one that responded to me and has been the best legal representative that I could have asked for. He has been the only constant positive force in this entire situation and I am so thankful for his hard work and dedication. I highly recommend him to anyone they will NOT be disappointed. He is excellent!!”

– Posted by Mary


David Crandall was my dad’s attorney, and I inherited him when Dad suddenly couldn’t manage his own affairs. Being thrust into a world of trusts and powers of attorney made having an expert with integrity and patience invaluable. There were so many traps I could have fallen into all while my energy and time needed to be devoted to my parents health and safety. Having the legal issues in his capable hands made all the difference.”

– Posted by Natalie

“High Court

David Crandall’s first words were about his faith and as a Christian he answers to the highest court. That proved invaluable to me. In a climate where Trust is paramount I could fall back on those first words time and time again.

David did not need to keep me informed as I am the spouse and not the principal. Nevertheless, he was as responsive as could be expected.

And with estate planning it isn’t an event it’s a relationship.”

– Posted by Bob