We Do Estate Planning Differently

Start looking forward and plan your foundation for a life of success today.

Overland Park & Kansas City Estate Planning

Many estate planning firms work on a once-and-done transactional basis where the client selects a low-cost estate plan, as if they were buying an item from a retail store. Unfortunately, roughly 80% of these traditional, cookie-cutter estate plans fail. The reason is that these types of plans are poorly designed, poorly implemented, and not maintained.

At Legacy Planning Advocates, our goal is to build an estate plan that actually works by employing a non-traditional estate planning model involving high levels of customized design, implementation, and maintenance. We strive to understand not just what you need for today, but what you and your family will need in the future based on the goals you set. We are so confident in our model that we guarantee probate avoidance, if that is one of your goals.

For those with smaller estates, we may be able to prepare you to qualify for Medicaid or Veteran’s Administration Pension (Aid & Attendance) benefits.

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, we can help you settle your loved one’s estate, even if their plan does not seem to be working as expected. We can help with trust settlement, probate administration (if needed), or resolving disputes if there is a problem with the plan or someone is not doing what they should.

If you need help planning for your family’s future or need help with probate or a trust or estate dispute, contact Legacy Planning Advocates today. We proudly serve Overland Park, Kansas City, and the surrounding communities.