Zhoushan textured left-behind children care network


Zhoushan textured left-behind children care network

Zhoushan textured left-behind children care network

Original title: Zhoushan woven and lonely left-behind children care network into Zhoushan Tanfeng Primary School Education Group Shanfeng Campus of Children’s House, Rehabilitation Sports Room, Musical Lodge, Music Oxygen Bar, Mind Sha Bar, etc. The disability and dilemma children enjoy a different warmth. The construction of children’s homes is a microcosm of Zhoushan City as the island, left-behind children and dilemma.

In recent years, Zhoushan City has continuously improved the child welfare policy system, expands to protect the network, enhances service security level, and lonely left-behind children feel strong.

  As a people’s livelihood project for lonely left-behind children, from 2020, Zhoushan City accelerates the construction of children’s homes.

In the 115 children’s home, including 25 model types, 90 basic types, three of whom were rated as a provincial model-type children.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau, by the end of next year, the city will build 400 children’s homes, realize the "one county and one brand, one town one special, one highlight". In the first quarter of this year, the 641 facts of Zhoushan City did not raise, serious illness, heavy disability, children and orphans, accumulated that the basic life guarantee funds were obtained.

"Zhoushan is the first city in the province to incorporate the funds required for lonely children into the development fund budget of social welfare.

"The person in charge introduced that in recent years, Zhoushan City has continuously increased financial fund investment. Every year, the basic life guarantee standards are raised and released on time. At the same time, the social donation is actively encouraged, and the Putuoshan Buddhist Association has been set up annually. Puji Children’s Special Rescue Fund is specifically used to rescue, rehabilitation, rescue, etc.

  Ike County (District) Child Welfare Guidance Center, Township (Street) Child Welfare Service Workstation, Village (Community) Children’s House, Zhoushan City also built "longitudinal to the end, lateral to side" grassroots care service system. At present, there are 381 "Children’s Director", 70 children’s supervisors, providing healthy and left-behind children, providing health supervision, information monitoring and feedback, child rescue help and other services.

  "Guardian Haova" project is a major brand project for children in Zhoushan Care Island.

Combined with the actual island, relying on platforms such as public welfare projects, social organizations, Zhoushan City carefully organized patriotic education summer camp, revolutionary holy land tour, legal lecture halls and other activities. Up to now, 22 various types of project activities, more than 280 volunteers participated, and more than 10,000 people were served. In the protection of children’s assistance, Zhoushan City launched a series of initiatives. In response to the reimmetrophase of poor, seriously ill children, adopted a policy of concentrating the treatment of cultivation rehabilitation.

At the same time, it is comprehensive to promote the "Tomorrow Plan" "Timing Plan", and the social scattered orphans and poor families are included in the rehabilitation. Opened the minor rescue protection hotline, providing 24-hour service in special periods such as cold wave, typhoon. The Civil Affairs Bureau also established the "Xiangsheng Group Caring for Orphan Growth Project" to rescue orphans, has spent 2.74 million yuan. "Caring for lonely left-behind children, is an important job of building ‘happiness Zhoushan’, promoting common prosperity." The person in charge said that the next Zhoushan City will continue to focus on accurate protection, weaning the network, fully promote the island’s loneliness The child service guarantee work is new to the new level.

(Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).


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