Zhang Jihui High Speed Rail officially opened to the car to help the West Running acceleration


Zhang Jihui High Speed Rail officially opened to the car to help the West Running acceleration

Zhang Jihui High Speed Rail officially opened to the car to help the West Running acceleration

At 9:10 on December 6, G9693 trains slowly passed out from Hunan Ji Shudong Station, rapid speed up to 300 kilometers of speed, and walked toward the destination.

This marks Zhang Jihuai (Zhangjiajie City, Jishou City, Huaihua City) high-speed railway officially opened, ancient Xiangxi, China, joined China’s high-speed rail city group with a new gesture.Zhang Jihui high-speed rail line is full of kilometers, the design speed is 350 kilometers, which is the regional connection line of my country’s "eight integration" high-speed railway network, mainly through Hunan "Da Xiangxi Region" and Wuling Mountain.

Since the beginning of the construction of the station, a new area of the station has been in full swing, a new high-speed rail city comes from the new high-speed rail city, and a high-speed rail economy has quietly formed, helping the Great Xiangxi area to ran out the "acceleration".In 1934, the Pearl Industrial Accelerated Development In 1934, Hunan Fenghuang writer slammed back to the phoenix from Beijing, and took a train, trains and sedan sedan, and took a total of half a month.

At 16:38 on December 6, from Beijing West Railway Station opened to the G4481 train arrived in the ancient city of Phoenix station, the entire process took only about seven and a half hours. Seven and a half hours, what it means to Phoenix? Holding a sign in the ancient city of Phoenix station the station and other guests of the B & B owner Huang Li said, which means that his average customer price B & B, is expected to increase 1 times. Huang Li said in the past visitors to the Phoenix, is "fast slow trip tour", often transit stay one night in Changsha, sit five hours bus on the road a long time, leaving Phoenix length of stay generally on only one or two sky. "It is not only Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to the north of Phoenix, can be Zhaofaxizhi.

River Edge can go off after the river winds blow, look at the night, the day Lawton are eliminated. "Huang Li said, before the high-speed railway week or two, online consulting stay of tourists increased significantly, local tourism practitioners dream of" quick trip slow travel "a reality. The Zhang Jihuai high-speed rail weave density of high-speed rail site map and the Great Western In contrast to two tourist map, it can be found in the village of eighteen holes, Wulingyuan, Tianmen, Hibiscus Town, mengdong, Aizhai Bridge, Deben Grand Canyon, Phoenix city, ancient commercial city, the Zhijiang surrender and other famous anti-Japanese war geographic coordinates are wearing high-wire beads into a chain. this connecting a plurality of the World cultural and Natural Heritage "golden tourism channel" will become "aorta" and "new engine" rapid development of Xiangxi area culture travel.

Close to the market, specialty agriculture "out of purdah ” ‘tea brigade’ said a lot of years, but to tell the truth, in the ‘tea’ word more than make a fuss, ‘brigades’ word to break, too difficult.

"Ma Jing Jishou City, the town of Pass Pass village party secretary, said the Skyway. Village mu" golden tea ", last year achieved a consolidated revenue of 70 million yuan, in the Tianshun view, the village under a blue ocean is aimed at travel.

High-speed railway, from Changsha to Jishou elapsed time from 5 hours to about 2 hours.

In August this year, the village has opened its doors in advance of the high-end bed and breakfast, will become Changsha, Changde, Hengyang and other places tourists a weekend break "back garden."

"With high-speed rail, picking, research science, health support, which in the past wanted to do and not doing things that will all make an inventory." Skyway to say. "Guzhang pass after high-speed rail, whether we go out to attend the Fair, or to please the guests come from the big cities, the journey time is shortened a lot.

"Guzhang County village Party branch deputy secretary of the Long Horns Kai country, said the village in recent years, the development of 2,000 acres of organic green tea.

"In the past there is always the dealer asked in the end is not organic, are now invited to inspect the people, more than anything else are convincing.

"Guzhang County in the first half of this year, Changsha and Jinan has held two tea promotion tour for merchants to visit high-speed rail era of warm-up ahead of time. Jishou City, deputy director of Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Tianmao Jun said Jishou will seize the opportunity of high-speed rail era , focusing on creating Xiangxi gold tea, vegetables and other high efficiency top ten agricultural industrialization demonstration garden and a comprehensive agricultural products processing zone, create a number of acres, acres characteristic industry strong village. Mayang candy orange, Phoenix Jiang Tang, Longshan lily along …… a number of "kept in purdah no knowledge" of the "soil knots", will also catch the high-speed rail fast track turned "golden cake."

Regional Talent Fair, Zhang Jihuai major project after another major high-speed rail operation, once concentrated in contiguous destitute areas – Wuling mountainous area. Once the depth of 11 poverty-stricken counties in Hunan, directly or via neighboring county Zhang Jihuai high-speed rail has nine. "As the country’s transportation infrastructure, poverty alleviation key projects, Zhang Jihuai high-speed rail from the beginning of the construction they put a ‘precise poverty’ goal as the top priority.

"Zhang Jihuai high-speed rail main construction side, Shao Heng railway company Zhang Jihuai project construction headquarters commander Peng Bing said. According to statistics, from 2016 construction date, Zhang Jihuai high-speed rail purchase and hire local materials, mechanical total cost of about 24 billion yuan, 244 construction of roads, 86 wells, 26 communication base stations by location permanently. according to my country’s high-speed rail investment of about 100 million yuan each can pull on the associated downstream industry output data estimates 10 billion, with a total investment billion high-speed rail Zhang Jihuai stimulating domestic demand approaching 4000 billion. in addition to directly stimulating the economy, the high-speed rail a strong siphon effect to pull the population and businesses along the collection, become expanding domestic demand, the growth of an important force.

Industry and Information Department data show that Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway in 12 years, the Pearl River Delta in southern Hunan introduced a total of over 20,000 industrial transfer projects.

After Zhang Jihuai high-speed railway, Xiangxi area of investment, Zhaocaiyinzhi pattern will be further opened.

31-year-old Tian Jin in Guangdong Western people worked hard for 10 years, became a shareholder of lithium battery business. 2019, I heard through the home fast high-speed rail, he took more than 8,000 million investment, the new plant was built in Jishou Economic Development Zone Innovation Park.

With the opening of high-speed rail station, and now, employees between the two places can be "a thousand miles a day yet."

"Inland coastal contrast, traffic has obvious disadvantages.

"Tian Jin said.

Zhang Jihuai high-speed rail officially launched some time ago, Xiangxi, Huaihua, Zhangjiajie invariably carry out major projects began to focus on other activities in their new city high-speed rail, high-speed rail District.

In October, Jishou City, Metro began to focus on high-speed rail project 51, it has completed an investment of 5 billion yuan.

After Zhang Jihuai high-speed railway, inland mountain city of Zhangjiajie also became the confluence of two high-speed railway hub city of Iron Cross, Hunan also has the second largest airport and the national first-class air ports.

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