Taiwan Youth Chinese Culture Research Camp held in Jinan


Taiwan Youth Chinese Culture Research Camp held in Jinan

Taiwan Youth Chinese Culture Research Camp held in Jinan

  According to Xinhua News Agency, Jinan Electric (Reporter Wang Zhi) reporter learned from the Jinan Municipal People’s Government Taiwan Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, the 18th "Qi Lu Feng · Two San Shi" Taiwan Youth Chinese Cultural Research Camp is in Jinan.

More than 30 Taiwanese teachers and students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Huaqiao University, Shandong University, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Yanjing Institute of Technology will participate in a four-day Chinese culture study exchange. This "Qilu Feng · Board Love" Taiwan Youth Chinese Cultural Study Camp is based on China’s outstanding traditional culture, highlighting the regional characteristics, through the cultural visit, social practice, etc. in Jinan, Tai’an, Qufu, etc., let Taiwan teachers and students feel the profoundness and deep charm of Chinese culture. In the Jinan Lixia District, teachers and students visited the 趵 趵 泉, Wulongtan, Moon toadan, and experience spring water culture. The teachers and students shuttle in the Baihua Brown and Qu Shunti Street, the old Jinan "Jiajia Spring Water, Household Poplar" is beautiful, and personally experienced the production process of the exploration and Chinese medicine sac.

  At the Taiwan Graduate School of Beijing University, Lin Jingmao said: "This is the first time I came to ‘Quancheng’ Jinan, the previous understanding of Jinan mainly came from the work of Mr. Lao She" Jinan’s winter ".

Walking in Jinan Old Town Street, seeing the spring water around him, letting people linger. "Qilu Feng · Board Love" excellent middle school students Chinese cultural studying camps have been invited by more than 100 schools in both sides since 2004, thousands of teachers and students have participated in the exchange activities of two-strait adolescent brand exchange activities with extensive influence.

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